Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Ain't No Anna Karenina, But I Guess It'll Do

OK, I'm going to try something new, or at least something new to me.

Amber, Lindsey, and Cox are into this Tolstoy Tuesday thing. From what I've gathered, it's poetry blogging on Tuesdays. This excites me. Perhaps it's my Lindsey Complex, or my constant quest to be a mindless sheep (that was my sarcastic typing), but I think it's just that I like the idea, and reading Amber's blog made me realize how much better life was just having her witty comments in the background. So, without further ado, my Tolstoy Tuesday virginity is being torn away like a cheap thong. Amber, this one's for you, though I'm sure it won't compare to yours.

"Finals Week"

Showing up in pajamas
after a sleepless night;
punching numbers on my calculator.
Somehow I don't think
a drawing of a crossbow
was the answer to number 19.


theogeo said...

I detect trace amounts of stress. Yes? Hang in there.

I really like the double entendre of the "drawing of a crossbow."

phallicpen said...

That's a great poem. I get a great image.