Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sharks with "Lasers" Minus the Sharks

So I had the surgery, and it was successful. My doctor found some endometriosis behind my uterus, so he lasered it off. Yes, it feels like I've been lasered, but I have many good painkillers so that I don't realize what's happened.

Now I'm bored, lying in my parents' bed, on this freaking dial-up connection, and I think it's quite possible my brain will explode if I do one more crossword puzzle.

My family's been calling a lot to check on me - awww. And thanks to the Sidelines kids for the lovely message you left me from the office - it made me smile:) Ahh! I used an emoticon - I must be on drugs.

In other news, there's trouble in paradise for the extended family. My aunt and uncle are having some problems, and he left the other night to stay in a hotel. My dad has lovingly renamed him "The Rat Bastard." They have two kids - ages 7 and 3 - and the 7-year-old can tell something is up. Sigh. I don't know what to do/feel about this - I was in their wedding!

Number of classes I won't be able to finish this semester: two definitely, three still up in the air, and one I'm going to have to bust my ass to do well on the final, but I think I can pass that one. Woot! Now it's time to call campus and harass these people who won't respond to my e-mails. I mean, my financial aid is on the line here - I'm not just e-mailing for the hell of it.

I'm supposed to recover in about a week or so, but I may try to go to the Titans game Sunday - I mean, if Drew Bennett knew I'd had surgery, I'm sure he's sign some shit for me! I can't have sex for two weeks - which happens to fall on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Currently feeling: Like I've been sliced open and lasered
Currently listening to: Myself typing


theogeo said...

Glad the surgery went well. Hope you're feeling better soon!

I had these big elaborate plans to call you the day of your surgery, and then I left my freaking cell phone at home when I left for work, so I couldn't call at a reasonable hour. However, knowing that you don't keep "reasonable" hours, I thought maybe it would be okay to call really late, but I jettisoned that idea since I figured you'd be drugged up at all hours anyway and might not answer anyway. Or you'd answer and be totally tripping. And while that might be funny, I didn't want to get you worked up because you need to heal, child.

So yeah. Feel better!

Wendy said...

The anesthesia was in my system a long time, so I took many naps. You are correct in assuming I was really drugged up, though, because I was. I still am actually. Woohoo! But the good news is that lasering fixed me, and I won't have any more lasers near my uterus, at least not any time soon. Yay!