Friday, January 13, 2006

Checkpoint - No Interruptions

Last night I went to the SigEp house to have a few beers and throw some darts. I'd like to add that I've gotten a lot better at darts. I'm still not that great, but I'm not nearly as bad as I was.

For my last game, Tom and I were playing cricket. He had closed everything but bulls and was racking up a shit-ton of points on me. I closed bulls and proceeded to get 150 points on him in bulls, but it wasn't enough to win the game. He was doing so well that he was all, "If I get to 400 points, you're getting naked!"

To which I responeded: "Excuse me?! You have not EARNED the right to see me naked." Ha. It was amusing. He got to 464, and I had 150. Mercy rule be damned! And no, no nudity, because who the fuck gets naked playing darts? I would never agree to that, especially halfway through when I'm already down 200 points.

Anyway, Frodo had been giving me a hard time all night, which he can do, because I know him. And Tex had been chiming in, which he can do, because I know him, too. But this Tom character was new to me, and I don't much fancy a new guy dropping a dart behind the desk and then wanting me to pick it up.

Here's where the blog has to detour: In season 5 of Buffy there's an episode called "Checkpoint" during which Buffy has to talk to the Watchers' Council. She says no interruptions, and when she's interrupted, she throws a sword past this guy's head, and it sticks into the wall behind him. "I said no interruptions." It's pretty freakin' bad ass.

Well, I'd had about enough at that point, so I pick up a dart, hurl it past Tom's head, and it sticks into the wall behind him. Priceless.

He was all, "Oh, shit!"

Frodo later said he saw it coming because he'd been thinking Tom was getting kind of ballsy with what he was saying to me because he didn't know me that well. And I think we all learned a valuable lesson about how to talk to Wendy.

Tom later told me that Robert is his big brother. That's amusing. I'm sure Robert would have agreed the dart throwing was justified.

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