Thursday, January 26, 2006

OK, I Guess I Do Bend That Way

Something neat happened in Pilates today: I discovered that I have what is known as perfect flexibility. Cool, huh? At least I'll always have that to fall back on pull over my head if things get rough.

On tonight's agenda: Eat Hot Pocket (currently doing - what are YOU going to pick?), take bubble bath, dress self, go to party.

I had nothing to wear, so I bought a shirt, a tank top, some earrings, and a thong. All that cost me $30. Then I bought some perfume I really wanted, which cost me $50. So when you see me, tell me I smell good. I guess I mean when you smell me.

I'm actually full of shit. I have plenty to wear, but I haven't done laundry in a while, and I didn't feel like looking through all my clean clothes trying to pick something out.

Tomorrow night, I'm going home to hang with my parents for a bit. It'll be a blast (it always is), and I'm getting fed! Woot!

Even more proof Lindsey is the greatest person ever: She got nominated for a Koufax. Congrats to her on making everyone else's blog in the vast expanse of Internet (with a few exceptions) look like shit. Some people find God, Lindsey finds Carmex. But she does it the kind of wit and style that I can't even come up with a word for, so I won't try.

But does Lindsey have perfect flexibility! I think not!

Here's a random picture of me, looking like a complete idiot and having no clue someone was photographing me (apparently I'm mid-sentence or mid-laugh), but my cheekbones look great, so, you know, go with it - it's me all GRSSKed out.

That was taken in December. Good times. Well, the bubble bath waits for no woman. Bored? Check out JR's blog for some cricket news. Who doesn't like a cricket update? And then there's TV on the Fritz's account of crashing a Raider Republicans meeting. Good stuff.

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theogeo said...

I have exactly the opposite of perfect flexibility. In fact, I barely even can sit down. I just stand or lie. Or lean.

But thanks for the kind words, suga.