Monday, January 16, 2006

Half Baked

It's MLK Day, so thanks for the day off from school. It's nice, and gives me time to buy supplies. On today's agenda: sorority budget meeting. I feel really good that that's something I started. Good for me - I'm at least responsible with money that isn't mine. And usually I'm responsible with my own. I don't have enough to be irresponsible with, or I probably would be.

I was home a few days ago, and my sister pointed out that when she was my age (we're 15 months apart, by the way, so you can take this with the grain of salt that I tend to), she had already graduated and taught for two years. When my mom was my age, she had my sister.

I guess it just took me a while to realize that as much as other people did or had already done when they were my age, I really don't care. I'm not anyone else. I don't want to be my sister at my age. I don't want to be my mother at my age. I think I'm going to try being me at my age for a while: frustrated with school to the point of nearly being burnt out, working five days a week because bills rack up regardless of how many tests you have, being the president of a sorority when in high school you swore you'd never join one. You know, just being me, appreciating the irony of it all, and trying not to fuck it up more while learning some valuable lessons.

I'm just cookie dough right now. Let me bake in peace and quit opening the oven to see if I'm done yet. I'll be done with the timer goes off. Chill the fuck out. I'm going to be a bigger, more delicious cookie than most - I'm going to take a little longer.

Yeah, let's drop that analogy before it gets

Well, it's T minus 2 hours before budget meeting, and I still need to clean the living room and get some snacks for the girls, so I'd better hop to it.

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