Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm Kind of a Moderate Deal

According to Aunt B, I might suck (which I have always suspected), but more importantly, I might not suck. Yes, I got some link action, and it was good. It was great!

Aunt B is also up for a Koufax. I guess she and Lindsey will have to knife fight for it. How cool are my Internet pals? I'm getting linked by popular blogs. It'll come in handy when my real friends abandon me because I'm too [insert your own flaw here].

Frodo started a Facebook group titled "I Don'T Know If You Know, But I'm Kind of a Big Deal" and asked me to join. Yes, that T is actually capped - I can type, OK? I've been dubbed "the big I want Bill Clinton deal" - this, of course, I found very amusing.

Wait, I think I can make that sentence sound MORE awkward: This very amusing of course I found. We're all Yoda inside.

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