Saturday, January 07, 2006

Maybe You Should Drive

No, this post is not an homage to the Barenaked Ladies.

Thursday I was off work, so I spent the day being productive (nap, shower, etc.). After all that napping, it was time to get out. So I did. AND I almost beat Robert at darts. Though I imagine almost doesn't really count, now does it?

We left Chad's house and were en route to the SigEp house when the road took a harsh turn to the left.

Now, let me paint this for you. If you can imagine what would happen if some cartoon character had erased the road straight ahead and put in its place a telephone pole, a guy wire, and an open plot of land, you would have the correct mental image. Think, "Oh shit, where'd the road go?"

As much as I like to speed, I wasn't really speeding here. I was probably going about 35, but this was at 3 a.m., and the road wasn't lit, and while 35 isn't that fast, it certainly is too fast to take a 90-degree turn. I have no doubt that had I tried it, I would've completely lost control of my car. I'd probably be blogging from that elusive coma right now.

So I did the only thing I knew to do: Drive straight between the telephone pole and the wire. I must admit I'm impressed I didn't hit the pole - I've got mad careening skills. However, the wire hit my passenger side mirror, and that's upsetting. I like my mirrors.

I was a bit shook up by the whole thing (mainly because I had a passenger, and I usually try to avoid imminent doom when someone else's life is in my hands - at least I avoided the pole). I talked to my dad on my break from work, and he said it sounded like I did the right thing, which I agree with. There's nothing else I could've done - I knew making the turn was impossible.

Moral of the story: Next time when Robert offers to drive, he gets to.

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Anonymous said...

You and racist Robert deserve each other.