Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Strawberries and Champagne

It's Tolstoy Tuesday again, so here goes:

"Mind Wandering"

I walk with myself
Among memories of years past,
Hopes of years to come,
And without resolve
For all things current.

And moving on...

So the sorority did this damned thing, and I reckon I can do it, too. If you want to do it, feel free, but I am certainly not tagging anyone.

B- BIRTHDAY:: December 20
C- CURRENT CRUSH:: I'm kind of digging myself right now
D- FAVORITE N0N ALCH. DRINK:: What's that? Oh, OK, Mountain Dew.
E- EATING CURRENTLY:: Nothing, but I'm drinking D.
F- FAVORITE FOOD:: Steak and chocolate, but not together.
H- CURRENT HATRED:: The electric bill
I- I THINK ABOUT:: Everything, and far too much
J- CURRENT JOB:: Shift supervisor at Starbucks
K- ANY KIDS:: Not at the moment, no.
L- I LOVE:: You. Aww. OK, kidding. Well, maybe not, it depends who you are. I love my bed.
M- FAVORITE MOVIE:: The Shawshank Redemption
N- YOUR PHONE NUMBER:: will never be posted online
O- OTHERWISE KNOWN AS:: Crazy Hooker, Cherry, Wenders Tenders, Wend, WendyBird
P- FAVORITE PERFUME/COLOGNE:: Body by Victoria or DKNY Be Delicious...for a guy to wear: AXE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q- A LITTLE QUIRK ABOUT YOURSELF:: I have three different razors, and they all shave different things.
R- LAST ROAD TRIP:: I guess when I went to East Tennessee this summer.
S- DO YOU SMOKE:: Only when I'm on fire, or when I'm really drunk.
T- FAVORITE TV SHOW:: Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!!!!!!!
U- COLOR OF YOUR UNDERWEAR:: Black right now
X- X-RAYS TAKEN:: Too freakin' many
Z- ZODIAC SIGN:: Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp

1. Gum:: Hubba Bubba Strawberry Watermelon
2. Restaurant:: The Melting Pot
3. Drink:: Malibu and Coke
4. Season:: Summer
5. Type of weather:: Sunny and hot
8. Late-night activity:: If I put it the DoD will block me
9. Sport:: Football
10. Movie:: The Shawshank Redemption, which I've already answered, by the way
11. Store:: Victoria's Secret

_______When was the last time you_______
12. Cried:: New Year's Eve
13. Played a sport:: Does football in the Mass Comm Building count?
14. Laughed:: Last night while reading an e-mail from JR
15. Kissed someone:: New Year's (midnight)
16. Had sex:: Friday when I woke up
17. Felt depressed:: A few weeks ago
18. Felt overworked:: Yesterday at work
19. Faked sick:: I've been actually sick too much to fake it

___What was the last_______
21. Word(s) you said:: Sadly, I'm fairly certain it was "me"
22. Thing you ate:: Barbecue sandwich
23. Song you listened to:: "Boats to Build" by Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson
24. Last thing you drank:: Still drinking that Mountain Dew
25. Place you went to:: Home, where I currently am
26. Movie you saw:: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
27. Movie you rented:: Probably the Family Guy movie

_______Who was the last person you_______
28. Hugged:: Jennifer
29. Cried over:: JR, but they were happy tears when I realized how soon he's coming back, and I'd been drinking for hours and had PMS (New Year's Eve)
30. Instant messaged:: Laurie - she's alive!
31. Danced with:: Lexi and I swing danced at Starbucks on New Year's Day
32. Shared a secret with:: Tina
33. Slept in a bed with:: Jennifer
34. Fought with:: I don't really fight with people
35. Went to a movie with:: Zac
36. Saw:: The take-out guy at the barbecue place
37. Were angry with:: Robert, also New Year's Eve, and it was stupid and I'm over it
38. Can't take your eyes off:: I'm going with the safe answer here: myself

_______Have you ever_______
39. Drank:: No, not me...of course
40. Danced in the rain:: NO DAMNIT AND I REALLY WANT TO
41. Kissed someone:: Yes
42. Done drugs:: Nothing bad
45. Had a movie marathon:: Yes
46. Gone too far on a dare:: I'm not really into dares
47. Spun around till you got dizzy:: Yep

_______My life_______
48. Name:: Wendy
49. Age:: 23
50. Gender:: Female
52. Nationality:: American
53. Religion:: Raised Church of Christ...so...anything but that sounds good
54. State or province you live in:: Tennessee

55. I'm feeling:: Like I want to take a bubble bath
56. I'm listening to:: My abnormally fast typing
57. I'm doing:: Your mom
58. I'm talking to:: The voices in my head - the won't shut up while I'm doing these damn questions...OK, kidding, I'm talking to no one.
59. I'm craving:: Sex (that's what you get for asking)
60. I'm hating:: the financial aid people
61. I'm dreading:: my financial aid appeal

62. Love is:: not always enough (sadly)
63. My first love:: There are various degrees of this, but I'm going with Travis or Nick. Travis = engaged. Nick = married.
64. Love or lust:: Love
65. Best love song:: "All I Ask of You" is the first that comes to mind
66. Best love quote:: The last thing Buffy says to Angel: "I do sometimes think that far ahead" OR from Love Actually: "To me you are perfect and my wasted heart will love you until you look like this [picture of mummy]"
67. Possible to be in love w/more than one person at the same time:: If you'd asked me this a week ago, I would've said no. However, I see it, so, yes, but I don't understand.
68. When does love hurt:: All the time, but that's no reason to be afraid of it.
69. Are you in love:: I'm in a situation. A nice one. If my situation were a cottage, I'd rent it for the summer.

_______Opposite sex_______
70. Turn ons:: Tall, nice arms, sense of humor, intelligence (sometimes to the point of arrogance - I like that, and I don't know why)
71. Turn offs:: Abuse (in all forms)
72. Do your parents' opinion on your gf/bf matter to you?:: We've never really conflicted
74. What is the sweetest thing a girl/guy can do for you?:: Hold me when I cry
75. Where do you go to meet new people?:: Nowhere, people go places to meet me
76. Are you the type of person to give and ask for numbers:: Not especially

_____Picky Picky_______
77. Dog or cat:: Cat
78. Short or long hair:: Long on me
79. Sunshine or rain:: Sunshine
80. Hugs or kisses:: Depends on the reason
81. Xbox or ps2:: Xbox
83. Cars or motorcycles:: Cars (fast ones)
84. Coke or Pepsi:: Coke
85. House party or club:: House party
86. Sing or dance:: Dance
87. Freak or slow dance:: Pole Dance...depends on my mood

88. How are you today:: Bored, clearly
89.What pants are you wearing right now:: Jeans
90. What shirt are you wearing right now:: My Lucky Charms shirt and a blue cherry sweater
91. What does your hair look like at the moment:: Like it needs to be washed, which it does. It's in a wavy ponytail
92. What song are you listening to right now:: Nothing, which I've already answered
93. How is the weather right now:: Colder than yesterday
94. Who are you talking to on the phone:: No one
95. Last dream you can remember:: Something about work

96. Clothes:: Comfortable...cute every now and then...I like breast shirts
97. Hair:: Long and blonde
98. Shoes:: My go-go boots or tennis shoes...or sandals
99. Sweater or Hoodie:: Depends what else I'm wearing
100. Whoa....it's done: Bubble bath, here I come!

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