Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Leave a Message at the Static

Whilst in White House dropping my phone in water, I dropped my phone in water. Yikes.

It works OK sometimes, but other times it randomly turns itself off and on, and the ring sounds weird. Ahh!

I called customer service completely freaking out!

"I know this is going to sound neurotic, but I'm expecting a VERY IMPORTANT phone call. I need this phone."

He said I could have my calls forwarded, but I have no other phone. He suggested I call warranty and have them send me a new one, which will take A FEW DAYS.

I called them, but apparently I can't call from the phone that I need work on. Lovely. The recording said, "Please hang up and call from a different phone."

If I had a different phone to call from, I wouldn't be FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about this one, now would I? Sheesh.

This all occurred after talking to Dr. Green, who said it may be as late at 2008 before I graduate (how poetic - that was so not on purpose) because of how classes fall in that lovely department and how fucked I am for missing ACSI 4200, which, by the way, he went back and changed the W to an F! Sigh. I hate people sometimes.

Tomorrow is the financial aid appeal. Here I come, baby! After that, I'll probably curse my phone or find it miraculously recovered. Hopefully the Tina will be home tonight and we can 1) call about my phone and 2) dye my hair.

If you try to call me and can't reach me, leave a message. I'll use other phones to check messages at least until the water damage is done.

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samb said...

nice...i dropped my cell in the toilet one time...being a germaphobe, I cried then flushed it.

theogeo said...

Good luck!