Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nobody's Gonna Rain on My Parade

If you thought MUDWrestleMania was good, just wait until you read this.

After I got back Sunday from the retreat, I took a much-needed nap, then went to the Greek SpeakOut, had dinner with my sisters, and went to the SigEp house (after a shower, which will later prove to have been a waste of time).

The cable and Internet at the house were out, so we watched Wedding Crashers, which I liked way more than I thought I would. It was monsooning outside, and Baker came in to ask us if we'd seen Lake SigEp yet. "The front or the back?"

Now, if you're familiar with the SigEp house, you know they have a lot of land. Well, that land was under water. The front and back yards had formed lovely lakes, parts of which would have been well above my head level.

After a smoke break, we all just stared out at the front yard, and after a very pregnant pause came the question: "You guys want to go play in it?"

"I'm thinking that's a very bad idea...and I'll regret it if I don't do it."

I was getting psyched to go watch, when I was informed that I, too, would be participating in the stupidity. Well, I'd shown up in slacks, a tight shirt, and my boots, so I insisted on different clothing (not the kind I'd better myself through). Robert gave me some stuff to wear, and after being reassured I could utilize the shower afterward, we headed down to the front yard.

It didn't take long to lose feeling in my feet and legs, and after standing there long enough to get really cold and wet and try to take a few pictures, we ran back up to the house, cursing loudly and piling into the shower with our clothing on (there were four of us: Robert, Frodo, House, and me). The area we were in was up to Robert's waist, and he's 6'4", so you can imagine how cold I was. Even after a very long shower (we kicked them out of the shower once we were all body temperature again), it still took a while to regain feeling in my legs again.

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