Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crazy, and Not in the Britney Spears Way

For a day of some cancelled class, I sure do feel jaded. Perhaps it was my extended Greek Life meeting. Or typing up the meeting agenda for tonight. Or finishing Colby's recommendation letter because the last paragraph just sounded awkward to me last night. It's better now, though.

Last night I went over to help Frodo with some algebra. I excel at college algebra (naturally - I nailed that shit in eighth grade). And apparently Strip Flip Cup is commonplace now. Insert vomit here. I read him my blog about it. He laughed a lot.

I got my Dead Like Me disc back - Woot!

Tonight I have: Meeting with scholarship chair, meeting with exec board, sorority meeting, Campus Pub (because Aaron said he'd sing "Purple Rain," and, damnit, I will make him).

Oh, I totally forgot: THE STEELERS ROCK MY WORLD! I watched the game at the Italian Grill in Hendersonville. Papa (the owner) let us have free food and booze (beer, liquor, wine, whatever). We had a pool going on the winner and overall score. I lost to This Oak Ridge Boy. I can live with that. That's right, kids. I watch the Super Bowl with above-average Joes...er Richards...Dicks!

I'll stop there.

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