Thursday, February 09, 2006

"I'll miss your lips and everything attached to them"

So I recently went on this MySpace diary entry diatribe that only I can read, and I discovered one thing: I need to expand my curse word vocabulary. Seriously, my swearing consists of fucking this and goddamn that with various capitalizations, and I even went so far as to use the word "infuckingsinuate" - I'm especially proud of that one. Oh, and of course there were smatterings of bleeding hell and bloody. I like to throw those in when I can get away with it.

Of course, all this happened a day after I'd just told my dad that if one more person mentioned something to me I was going to go apeshit. Well, yeah, so I opted to go apeshit on MySpace. I can't wait to give my dad the update. He'll probably have some encouraging fatherly advice.

"Most people are fuckin' idiots." Or something to that effect. Either that or, "Why don't you just hang out with different people? Seems to me like the people who are stressing you out are optional." I don't know.

Oh Sidelines kids, why did you have to graduate, you bastards?

By the way, I just found out through reading Khall's comments that Amanda made an appearance on the night we'll never speak of again. That's cool shit! I mean, I remember seeing her and vaguely recall her almost being in my lap in very close quarters on the couch, but I thought that was in a subconscious dream capacity. By the way the comment sounds, though, she was ACTUALLY there. Can anyone help me out on this? Was she wearing a baby blue shirt? Am I making all of this up?

I hung out with some current Sidelines kids a few nights ago, and it went something like this: "If Fern leaves, will you come back. Please? Please?" If Fern leaves, I'm hosting a "Death to all things plant-like" party. You are all invited. Bring liquor, potted greenery, and Round-Up. It will be fun.

Tonight Colby and I are doing some catching up. It's a newspaper extravaganza. I guess that means I have to get drunk and call this guy and text him to complete the square. Yes, I'm aware that it's not actually a square, but do you remember completing the square in algebra? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? OK, then, moving on.

I watched Elizabethtown last night, and it was good. Then I woke up with some weird chest pains that I'd have checked out if I didn't already know that they'd just give me steroids that I don't want to take. The pains are gone, now, anyway.

Nota Bene: My phone is possessed right now, and sometimes it works OK, and sometimes it takes me 24 hours or so to get messages. So if you really need me, call me. Or e-mail me. Or scream really loudly. It might work - I certainly haven't tried it yet.


nashgirl said...

Wendy, she was at the Red Door with me the night before. That's what Amanda was referring to, not Friday night. I believe that Marie may have been sitting on your lap.

Wendy said...

So I'm just randomly dreaming? I know I remember hearing "Mander!" Yes, that was subconscious Wendy then. Sigh. Well, when you see her, tell her my subconscious misses her and her baby blue shirts.