Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Get out of My Heart, Get into My Pants

Finally, Tabula Rasa has sparked some interesting commenting. JR blogged his response here with some introspection, so I'm following suit.

First off, thanks to Lindsey for not flamethrowing us. Naturally, I don't picture her owning a flamethrower, but it's still nice not to be singed from several hundred yards away or whatever the reach on those things is.

Side note: defines "flamethrower" as "n : a weapon that squirts ignited fuel for several yards." I would have gone with "shoots" or "propels" - "squirts" is such an odd word choice.

Let's see if I can suss out my own thoughts in a coherent fashion. This should be fun and dangerous.

Do I hold women to a higher standard than men? That's a tough one, because I am a woman, and I hold myself to a pretty high standard. However, I don't hold all women to the same standard I hold myself to. Do I think they should hold themselves to that standard? Yes, but that's their choice, not mine. Should men hold themselves to high standards? Yes, but some don't. Again, their decision.

So why was I so bothered by these women? Because their actions were so reckless that they could have endangered their lives or the lives of their friends. I understand being young and having a good time, but there's a line somewhere, and they didn't know they were safe. I knew they were safe - I knew the guys they were with, and I knew they wouldn't do anything to them no matter how drunk and naked they got.

But THEY didn't know that. They didn't have respect for themselves, and that makes me sad and livid, because somewhere along the way, they were taught that - some magazine or some jackass boyfriend or some uncaring parent figure taught them that self respect is worthless.

As far as the drunk thing goes, I don't accept drunk as an excuse. It's an explanation at best. Drunk people can be annoying as hell, and, as Lindsey pointed out, all people do have equal capacity to be annoying. I guess it's just a different kind of annoying, and I'm more annoyed by what these girls were doing than, say, burning stuff. Although I've been pissed off by drunk guys plenty of times. Maybe I should just hang out with different people...

I was watching CSI today with my roommate, and there was an episode about some Buddhist monks. There was some discussion about chakras, which reminded me of a time I took a test about my chakras. My second chakra was my most open chakra (my sex chakra), and my fourth chakra was my most closed chakra (my heart chakra). Fancy that. This was a few years ago. Just for the hell of it, I took it again. My fifth chakra is my most open one now. It represents honesty, truth, integrity, and higher wisdom. I'm going to say that I've developed into a better person. Good for me.

Want to freak out your cat? Let her watch your snake swallow a rat whole. She didn't really know what to make of that.


ShadowZen said...

but did ur sex chakra score go down? inquiring minds want to know!
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oh those silly greeks and their trojans, or something.

J. R. said...

You linked yourself. Lame ass.

Wendy said...

I post this elsewhere, too. It's mainly for them.