Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't Let It Spoil Your Appetite

It doesn't feel like February. I went out to get The Tina some cigarettes, and it felt like a balmy spring evening right before a tornado picks up the car next to you and hurls it about three football fields. Really, I can't describe the weather without sounding like American Beauty unless I go for exaggerated comedy.

My posture has been incredible today. I have no idea why. I think it's the dance clothing - whenever I'm in dance clothes, I just have this need to keep my body properly alligned. I really like that, though. My back looks much better straight, and I really like my back. I'm odd, though.

Speaking of odd, time for the feast!

If you were a color, which color would you be, and why?
This one is easy - I would definitely be black. This isn't just because I look best in black and have an inordinate amount of black clothing (and even more black shoes), although all of those are true. Black isn't really a color: It is the absence of color (also the absence of light). In a way that's me: I'm not really what I'm supposed to be (by my standards or anyone else's), and I often feel like I'm the answer to a question nobody asked, or maybe just the right answer to the wrong question. But, to be short about it, I'd be black.

When was the last time you went to the doctor, and what was your reason for going?
Thursday I went to see the neurologist to get weighed to make sure I still exist. Good news: I haven't lost any weight! Also, my blood pressure was a little higher than usual (94/66), which is odd because last night I had a dream that my blood pressure was higher than normal. I should really stop having these weird dreams.

What do you collect?
Coins mostly. It's been a while since I've even done that. Now I guess it would be books, if one can collect books. I can say I have a collection of books, and that works for me.

Main Course
What were you like in high school? Name one thing you miss and one thing you don't miss about those days. (If you're still there, imagine how you'll remember it in the future.)
I was a little bit shorter for one thing. I was one of the smart kids. I was the president of Honor Society and Latin Club and was involved in and held offices in about a dozen other things. I was on the Quiz Bowl team (rare for a female in my day), I was on all of the math competition teams, and I was also heavily involved in theatre and had the lead my senior year. Yep. I was THAT girl. Only THAT girl was always ridiculously hot, and, sadly, I was not. Oh, and I dyed my hair quite a bit and thought Commando football was the only way to spend a Friday night. One thing I miss: having all of my good friends at my fingertips every day. One thing I don't miss: not being legal to drink. Yeah, I wish I could be deeper than that, but I had a blast in high school.

Pretend you're standing in front of your home, with your back towards your home. Describe the view - what can you see? Trees? Cars? A zoo? Wal-Mart? The house across the street. I'm only pretending here - the wind may have picked up some debris and dropped it off for all I know. It is a blustery evening.

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bkevcoffee said...

OK, I'm new to this, but I want you to know I'm reading you, so here goes. I'll weigh in on your questions....

Appetizer - I'd be blue. Blue is deep, sometimes sad, always thoughtful and occasionally sunny. I would never describe you as black. Let's go with fushcia. (I probably spelled that wrong.)

Soup - I think I went to the doctor in the fall for sinus ick. Other than the occasional migraine, my personal health history is pretty clean. My family history, on the other hand, is a mess. If I don't drop dead by 65, I guess I'll count myself lucky.

Salad - Used to collect comic books. I got into the DC variety. Don't really collect anything now but bills and kids.

Main Course - I was a dweeb, but I was liked, in high school. Voted Most Intellectual. Didn't get girls. Did love Jesus (still do). I don't miss much about those days, but I wouldn't mind going back for a day or two to show my stuff - you know, the stuff I've learned since then. I'd win the ladies, be the envy of the guys, and still graduate valedictorian. Kids today seem to have it so much more together than we did in the 80s.

Dessert - I see houses and beyond the houses, a cow field. Suburbia sprawling out all over rural middle Tennessee. Ah, progress.

And by the way, today feels like February again. No wonder we all have the sniffles. Bye...