Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where Has All the Hand Soap Gone? OR Who's in My House? OR Something Shocking This Way Comes

It occurred to me last night, while I was washing my hands, that a good deal of my hand soap is gone. This struck me as odd, because I have very small hands, and I don't need much hand soap to clean my hands. In fact, I've had that same Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish Hand Soap for probably a year or so. Granted, sometimes I wash my hands in the kitchen (if I'm cooking), but, still, a large percentage of hand soap has gone, and I'd ballpark it within the past month.

I guess I have had a lot of people at my house in that time frame, but do they have large hands? The sorority has been over a bit, but unless I've had six or seven people using my hand soap as shower gel and shampoo, I'm not seeing where this is going. Weird.

I woke up today around 8 a.m. (don't worry, I went back to sleep until a healthy 3:30 p.m.) because I heard voices in the house. I gathered one was Brian Doesn't Know, and the other was some guy. It always weirds me out to hear people in my house when I know The Tina is gone. I also heard someone come in and leave around noonish. I found out after I woke up that it was Brandy leaving flowers. Awww.

As anyone who has been in my house lately can attest to (Brian Doesn't Know and I talked about this last night, actually) - there is a lot of static in my house lately. What's up with that? I can't even get up to turn on the light without shocking myself, and heaven help me if I touch anything in bed. I'm surprised I haven't fried myself plugging in my phone to charge.

The Pro Bowl is about to start. They might as well just call that, "Even More Proof Why the AFC is the Only Conference That Matters." Seriously. I can't remember the last time I saw the NFC win. OK, OK, maybe it was 2004, but in my defense, I didn't get to watch that game, and before that it was 2000, and before that it was 1996, which was a great year for movies, but that's neither here nor there.

Tonight I'm going to Hendersonville, to be fed (thanks, Dad). Tomorrow, he's doing my back brakes, and hopefully I can talk him into getting my migraine pills refilled, as they are $40, and I am poor. We'll see how that goes.

Well, time to shower, then I'm off to the Pi Kappa Phi meeting to try to convince one of them to dress up like a woman for our Drag Show. That should be fun.

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