Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Cup of Joe...I Can't Believe I Let Myself Get That Lame

Yesterday at work, I made coffee for this man. He used to tell me school was cancelled. Then I had a dream I made his cappuccino too light. Shoot me.

Somebody might have cleaned out her car last night! That means somebody else better appreciate it - and don't you dare look in the trunk. That's where I stash the bodies.

Why did it rain today? I hate my car. It hates me. It rains on me. It rains in the car. Fuck Saturns. Sigh. At least it's clean.

Sorry, Tina, it was too funny not to post. This is how I woke up today. Tina came into my room this morning.

Tina: Have you seen my fake boobs? The cutlets?
Me: No.
Tina: Why aren't you in class?
Me: I slept through my alarm. But I didn't have a migraine!
Tina: Why aren't you in your next class?
Me: I'm still sleeping through it.

Oh the joys of having a cool roommate. Snake update: He's in his rock. I think he's shedding. That's like the snake for of PMS, so stay away. He gets all bitchy when he sheds.

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