Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Must Love Blogs

If I had one word to describe today/tonight, it would be: EXPLETIVE. And yes, capitalization is necessary.

Why, you ask? Did I not hear "Purple Rain" or something? Actually, "Purple Rain" was great. But the rest of the night, aside from some cool bonding with Tanya, was not so great.

I pretty much had a day of lots of meetings and lots of talking and even more meetings and talking and yeah bad. I'd go into more detail, but I can't really. I mean, I CAN, I just know better than to do so in a public forum. As we've all learned, yours truly is smarter than she looks.

On tomorrow's agenda: Go to work earlier than I want to. The plus side: Get off work earlier than I expect to.

Khall is blogging again. Of course, as I told her, I won't link her until she gets those 10 dog-free blogs. I kid because I love (hence the title). And I'm sure at some point she'll make me the Stupid Tennessean of the Day because of it.

Lindsey has learned how to make marquee text. Now I feel lame with my links and whatnot. I need to learn some cool shit. Wait. No I don't. There's no reason why a math/philosophy double-major should know that.

Define weird: Kids at karaoke last week - remember the host who sang "Feel Like Makin' Love" and we all decided he was kind of cute? Well, he knew my name! I mean, I get I had a class with him, but I didn't go. You might say I made a cameo on certain test days, but I wasn't, you know, a season regular or anything. I saw him at the pub tonight - the Campus Pub, not to be confused with JR's oft-discussed "regrettable-carpet pubs."

I know, I know. My mom has regrettable carpet. That was for you, Manda - that was you for. Now leave me a comment before I go insane!

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Manda said...

I never see you anymore... All I catch are glimpses of your mother down on the streetcorner, and that's just no longer satisfying (or was it ever, really?)

I need to blog. I post on my LJ, but I don't think 95% of that counts as blogging. Blaurgh. And you beat me to the carpet joke before I even read it. Curses!

...NOTE BENE: I hate the stupid "Type these random jumbled italicized letters if you're not a spambot." thing. Can't I just click a button that says, "I solemnly swear I am a real person who just wants to freaking post on this damn blog already!"