Sunday, February 26, 2006

Kind of Makes You Want to Be a Gay Cowboy in Wyoming

I finally saw Brokeback Mountain this afternoon with Khall. It was really good.

I get to wake up early tomorrow for some doctorin' fun. I can't wait! That was sarcastic.

I think I'm getting sick. I feel feverish, but that just hit me on the way home. I got a case of chills and sweats, which is lovely, really, considering I haven't been sick, really, since the mono, and I don't count the surgery stuff.

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Manda said...

I thought it was a little slow. It seemed like the pacing could have been done a little differently, to prevent the ending from seeming so out of place. I honestly didn't believe there was enough in Annie Proulex's short story to make a film, and I'm sorry to say that I still think I'm right. It was a beautiful film, and if it doesn't win for cinemitography or however the hell that's spelled, I shall be cross. However, I'm still rooting for Crash for Best Picture.

Still, yayh gay cowboys.