Thursday, February 16, 2006


I forgot to blog about Valentine's Day. Here's what happened.

Woke up in terror after having an all-too-real nightmare about the Devil. Couldn't get out of bed because I was afraid, and after having a realistic nightmare, it takes a while to figure out that it didn't really happen. Around 12:30 p.m. I finally get up, and while walking to philosophy I saw...the Devil. I managed to obscure the rest of my path and avoid confrontation, and I'm fairly certain he didn't see me, which was nice. I spent at least half of philosophy staring into space trying not to have a panic attack, which mainly consists of deep breathing and trying to convince myself it didn't happen. Somehow I held it together, which means I'm making progress. I guess that's something.


J. R. said...

I thought you meant the actual Devil, like Lucifer.

For a second, I was worried that he attended MTSU.

Wendy said...

If he was a math major, he probably did attend back in the day and just hasn't graduated yet.